Frequently asked questions about Aarhus Legal Aid:

Can I be completely anonymous?

It is possible to receive free, verbal legal advice (on level 1) without giving your personal information. Our advisers however have a duty of confidentiality, and therefore we are not allowed to share your personal information with others unless you authorize us to do so. This includes public authorities. Therefore it is completely safe for you to share information about your legal situation with the advisers at Aarhus Retshjælp.

Can I get free legal advice over the phone instead of showing up in person?

Yes, we offer legal advice over the phone Tuesday to Thursday from 11.30 to 12.30 . Legal advice over the phone is only suited for simple, exact questions which do not require review of documents. The number to call is 8620 8270.

Can I seek legal advice any given day?

Retshjælpen is open 4 days a week. Tuesday 4-7 PM, Wednesday 4-7 PM (Immigration Law). Thursday 1-4 PM. Friday 10 AM – 1PM. Click here for opening hours. If you seek legal advice a second time, it is important to let us know which day you were here the first time, as our advisers normally work only once a week on a particular day. This means that you cannot seek legal advice concerning the same problem on another weekday. Since many people come to see us every day, and we want to be able to offer legal advice to as many people as possible, and as effectively as possible, we try to adhere to this principle.

Please remember that our legal advisers work here as volunteers in their spare time. Therefore, we only allow people to come on a different weekday the second time in exceptional circumstances.

How long are the waiting hour?

The waiting hour depends partly on the number of people seeking legal advice any given day, partly on the complexity of the legal problem(s). Therefore, it is a good idea to expect some waiting time. Unfortunately, during busy periods, we can not guarantee that everyone entering the premises will have the opportunity to talk to a legal adviser before closing time.

Am I entitled to help from Aarhus Retshjælp?

No, our legal advisers decide the amount of help they consider relevant to provide in a specific case.

Is Aarhus Retshjælp limited to citizens in Aarhus?

No, everyone can seek legal advice at Aarhus Retshjælp. If your income exceeds the limit for legal aid, we generally offer verbal counselling to enable you to decide whether you want to proceed with the matter or not, and if you decide to pursue the case, we advise you on how to do so.

Which documents do I bring?

For example your rental contract, your contract of employment, your contract of sale, your contracts, agreements, will, decisions, former correspondence, etc. In order to be able to offer proper counselling, dependent of case type, these types of documents are very important information to us, and we therefore ask you to bring them at your first counselling.

Do you offer parking?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer parking to our clients, but we are situated close to paid parking areas, bus stops and the train station.

Can I make an appointment with you?

Yes, you can call the secretary on 86 19 47 00 and make an appointment in our opening hours. Tuesday and Wednesday 4-7 PM. Thursday 1-4 PM. Friday 10 AM – 1PM