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Aarhus Retshjælp is situated right in the center of Aarhus:

Vester Allé 8C
8000 Aarhus C
Telefon: 86 19 47 00

Opening hours:

Note special conditions associated with Covid-19: 

Due to the recent shut-down, Aarhus Retshjælp cannot offer counselling in person at the moment. Instead we have extended our phone counselling-hours, see the section on telephone counselling.

Telephone counselling:

Tuesday    13.00-19.00
Wednesday  13.00-15.45
Wednesday  16.00-18.00 (immigration law)
Thursday   13.00-16.00

Friday     10.00-13.00

Tlf.:             86 20 82 70.

You can call the reception on the following hours:

Tuesday    14.00-15.00
Wednesday  14.00-15.00
Thursday   14.00-15.00
Friday     11.00-12.00

Tlf.: 8619 4700.